Bacon Flavored Capsules

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Product Overview

Forget a spoonful of sugar. When the medicine needs to go down, why not make it bacon flavored? These delicious gelatin capsules are made from animal hide gelatin that is tested BSE free. They are perfect for holding your powders, supplements, vitamins and herbs,if you can keep from eating them all by themselves!




Special Features



    • Safe for Kosher and Halal diets (there's irony for you)


    • 100% free from BSE (no risk of mad cow disease)


    • No artificial gelatins, 100% hide gelatin from animal skin


    • We use only the best pharmaceutical grade gelatin



Safety Information

    • Filling capsules with liquid can cause the gelatin to dissolve


    • Hot water, heat and direct sunlight can damage your capsules


    • Dosage of each capsule depends on ingredients and density of filling