Berry Flavored Gelatin Capsules

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Product Overview

You can find many great options when it comes to Vegetarian Capsules for use with health and dieting supplements. These capsules are easy to swallow capsules and also are free of any animal by-products. The special formulation gives an appealing berry taste to the capsule, making them easier to swallow- something greatly appreciated by children and those with sensitive palates. Discover these amazing capsules today at Capsule Depot.


Special Features

    • 100%  vegetarian with no animal by-products


    • Dairy,  starch, corn, wheat, soy,  or sugar are not used


    • Kosher and Halal accepted

Safety Information

    • Not suitable for use with water or liquids as the capsules will dissolve when wet


    • Keep capsules out of the sun, avoid moisture, and keep in a controlled environement


    • Please note that the doses may vary based on caspsule size and supplement fromulation