Black/Clear Colored Gelatin Capsules

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Are you tired of fighting with messy powders, herbs and supplements? Now, you can have professional grade Black & Clear Colored Gelatin Capsules for all of your homemade remedy needs. These capsules are Kosher and Halal certified, as well as 100% BSE free. Making them the perfect solution for taking your remedies to the next level.


These Black & Clear Colored Gelatin Capsules are made from 100% hide gelatin that is derived from animal skin, and are guaranteed to take your supplements and remedies to a pharmaceutical-grade level. Now you can easily create, store and take your powders and herbs without the mess.


You can be your own pharmacist and decide the dosage amount for each capsule by the type, density and amount of your preferred filling. However, you should remember that the gelatin nature of these capsules will cause them to dissolve or melt if they are filled with liquid or exposed to direct sunlight, high temperatures or hot water.