Capsule Filling Machines

What Are Capsule Filling Machines and How Do They Work?


Own a pharmaceutical company or a local drug store? Do you use natural herbs or alternative medicine for healing? If so, a capsule filling machine could be a piece of equipment that could help you.


What Are Capsule Filler Machines?

Capsule Filler MachinesCapsule machines are used to fill empty capsules with substances, such as medicines or nutrients. Both personal and professional capsule machines exist. Personal capsule filling machines are used for families or for one's own use at an office and allow people to easily fill their capsules with the necessary medication. Professional machines are designed for production on a larger scale.


There are four sizes of capsule filling machines, ranging from the smallest, size 1, 0, 00 and the largest, 000. The 000 size is the most difficult to find because they are purely used for professional purposes and then only in special circumstances. The size of the capsule machine also affects the size of the capsule: the bigger the machine, the bigger the capsule, meaning that the pills made by the 000 machines can be difficult to swallow. However, the bigger capsules also hold more, which could mean taking fewer capsules in a day.


How Do Capsule Fillers Work?

The small-scale capsule filling machines are incredibly easy to use and can be operated by just one person. However, they all work essentially the same way. A person separates the capsule from its cap and presses the bottom of the capsule to the base of the machine and the cap to the filler machine's cover. Pour the supplements into the cover and hit a button. The supplements fill the capsule and the cap covers it to protect the supplements.


Who Do Capsule Fillers Benefit?

Capsule Fillers BenefitEveryone. Imagine the pill or liquid drug that tastes terrible because of all the nutrients in them. Now, imagine tasting them every single time you take your meds. Capsule filling machines allow people who want to use herbal supplements or other natural and alternative medicines from home to do so, without having to taste every bite. They can also save people who are making their own health supplements money, because they're cutting out the middle man. Many capsule filling machines also come with a lifetime guarantee, so if it breaks, you're not out any money.


Pharmaceutical companies also use capsule filler machines. These allow pills and supplements to be mass-produced to save time and money, but allow them to charge higher prices. Since these machines are larger scale, they may need several people to operate them, check dosages, separate the capsules, load the capsules, fill the machine with the substance, lock the capsules and make sure all of the capsules sealed correctly.


Small business owners who operate a health store could also benefit from a capsule filler machine. They allow owners to provide client with a bite-sized pill to swallow instead of a whole bunch of individual supplements. This makes dosages easy and it can allow you to charge a little bit more than for the individual supplements because of the ease with which people can purchase them.


Advantages Capsule Fillers

Advantages Capsule FillersCapsule filling machines allow people to select the supplements they want to improve their diets and help with weight loss and muscle tone. They can select the dosage they want and incorporate the nutrients they don't get from their regular diets. Capsule filling machines can save them money and provide them with the assurance that their supplements are fresh.