Coffee Flavored Gelatin Capsules

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Product Overview

The only thing you want went you first wake up in the morning is a steaming hot cup of coffee.  If you are taking a pill with that coffee, the last thing you want is a pill that will overwhelm the flavor of your coffee.  The Coffee Flavored Gelatin Capsule is perfect because it will match the flavor of your morning drink perfectly.  Whether you are taking vitamins, supplements, herbs, or powders, you can trust this 100% pharmaceutical grade hide gelatin made from animal skin to taste great and deliver what you need.  Conveniently, it is also certified Halal and Kosher.


Safety Features

    • Avoid hot water, sunlight, and high temperatures


    • Doses may differ depending on the amount of filling, type, and density of each capsule


    • Do not fill capsules with liquid.  This may cause capsules to dissolve