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Product Overview

Certain release properties can help give your products an added edge and the vitality needed to spur growth. But adding this product feature can be challenging. Delayed Release capsules are innovative HPMC capsules that can help protect dietary supplement ingredients from stomach acidity* without the cost and complexity of adding acid-resistant properties during manufacturing. Delayed Release capsules can also help mask taste and odor and reduce bad aftertaste without the addition of costly coatings.


Delayed Release capsules offer dietary supplement makers a dosage form with significant consumer and manufacturing appeal – a vegetarian capsule with unique properties that can slow down capsule opening after swallowing:


  • Reduce the manufacturing cost and complexity of adding acid-resistant properties to oral dosage forms
  • No need to add chemicals, solvents or other coated protection, allowing for a shorter product development cycle than tablets
  • Low moisture capsules help protect ingredients that are sensitive to moisture and acid
  • Masks taste and odor and minimizes risk for reflux in a consumer-preferred dosage form
  • Certified Vegan, Non-GMO, Vegetarian Society, Halal and Kosher certifications
  • Outstanding quality – manufactured in accordance with cGMP guidelines
  • Certified quality assurance system for traceability of raw materials