Flavored Gelatin Capsules And Their Uses

Have you been considering buying flavored gelatin capsules? While we associate these items with natural health practitioners and pharmacists, ordinary people can use them in more ways than one. In several cases, they are used to aid a person with disabilities in ways you may not expect at first. To get a better understanding of the various uses of flavored gelatin capsules, stay tuned. With a little bit of background information about this interesting product, you will soon see why it has a natural place in your home.

Keeping pets healthy with supplements

Natural or alternative medicine has grown significantly in the past decades to include cats and dogs. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to get an animal to consume various types of ground up herbs and minerals. It can also be difficult for animals to swallow chalky medications dispensed by a veterinarian. Popular herbal medications for animals include acidophilus and parasite fighters. In order to get them to eat this supplements or other pharmacy-grade medications, flavored gelatin capsules that taste like chicken, beef or pork can be used.

Creating a time release capsule for pets

A secondary pet use for flavored gelatin capsules is using them as an outer coating for another gel capsule. For instance, if you want to give the animal two supplements at once, use a larger flavored gelatin capsule as the outside capsule. This second supplement will usually dissolve 5 to 10 minutes later than the outer one.

Color code pills with flavored gelatin capsules

When you are dealing with dispensing medications to people with autism or learning disabilities, it can be difficult to help them take the right pills at the right time. The same scenario can be addressed for kids that want to take control of their own medicine schedule. By using flavored gelatin capsules, you can place the pharmaceutical-grade pill inside and help them understand which pills they should be taking. For instance, they can take the purple berry-flavored gelatin capsule in the morning and the green mint-flavored capsule in the afternoon.

Help the visually impaired manage their own medication

When a person has visual disabilities, low vision or is blind, keeping track of multiple medications can be extremely difficult. To make this task a breeze, consider using the flavored capsules to encapsulate medications. While someone with partial vision will be able to see the differences in the colors associated with flavored gelatin capsules, a completely blind person will also be able to smell or taste the differences in pills. While they may be using other methods for keeping pills separate such as Braille print, having a flavor or smell to work with can be a final way to determine which pills the should be taken.

Taking your daily pills does not need to be a pain

Of course, the main reason that flavored gel caps were invented is because medicine often taste terrible. Instead of dealing with a daily taste frustration associated with taking your medicine, buy flavored gelatin capsules to give yourself a break. With flavors like mint, berry, lime bubblegum, coffee, grape, strawberry and orange, you can look forward to your next dosage.

Everyone loves bacon

Finally, if you have the an alternative business practice with a sense of humor, bacon flavored gelatin capsules are for you. Naturally, they have the practical appeal of being used for pets and people of all ages. However, with a little bit of thought, they can be a way to make each of your customers laugh. After all, they say that laughter is the best medicine, and bacon is definitely one of America’s favorite foods. Before long, you could be known as the healthiest bacon provider in town.