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Product Overview

If you are like me, you are a vegetarian who takes his health seriously. We know the value of a great herbal or vitamin boost and now we have a place to buy our capsules without sacrificing our principles (or animal friends!). 


What's so great about these Green/Green Chlorophyll capsules? Two simple words: Vegetable Matter. That's right these are--100% vegetable matter capsules--not animal product. These Vegan Friendly capsules not only contain, as the great Dean Wormer would say, "zero point zero", animal matter, but they are also of superior quality to anything else you can buy pre-made.  


Why are they superior to every single other store brand?


OUR brands are: 

    • ENTIRELY Vegan Friendly


    • Irritant and preservative free 


    • No Corn--No Dairy--No Soy--No Starch--No Sugar--No Wheat!


    • 100% Kosher and Halal Certified

As you can see, we really do have our animal friends in mind with these capsules. There are some warnings though (and if you are a Gremlins movie fan, some of these may look familiar): 


Safety Information:

    • Do not fill capsules with liquid, as it can cause capsules to dissolve.


    • Avoid direct sunlight, hot water or high temperatures.


    • Do not feed capsules after midnight (okay, this one isn't a real warning, but could you imagine...)


    • Doses may differ depending on the type, density and amount of filling in each capsule.