Maroon/Blue Colored Gelatin Capsules

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Product Overview

What would Neo from The Matrix make of this one? Is it a maroon pill, or a blue pill? Do you wake up in your old life, or remember the matrix? Whichever the case may be, this 100% BSE free gelatin capsule, sourced from animal skin, is the perfect delivery vehicle for your supplements, vitamins, powders, herbs and more.


Special Features


  • Made with the finest pharmaceutical grade gelatin

  • BSE free (no mad cow disease here)

  • This is 100% organic hide gelatin, derived from animal skins

  • Our gelatin is certified Kosher and Halal safe


Safety Information


  • Not for liquid filling, due to gelatin dissolving

  • Direct sunlight, high heat, and hot water should be avoided

  • Dosages will vary, depending on volume and density of filler material