Pork Flavored Capsules


Product Overview

Which would you rather have: icky tasting vitamins, or a delicious pork chop? You can have your supplements and your pork flavoring too, with this Capsule Depot ® pork flavored capsule. Made from the finest Hydroxy, Propyl, Methyl, Cellulose, or HPMC. This 100% plant based gelatin capsule works well for powders, supplements, vitamins and herbs.




Special Features



    • Safe for vegetarian diets, made from 100% plant based HPMC


    • Made without preservatives and designed to be irritant free


    • Free from common allergens such as corn, dairy, soy, starch, sugar and wheat


    • Certified safe for Kosher and Halal diets ( there's irony)



Safety Information



    • Avoid filling with liquids to prevent dissolving the capsule


    • Keep away from direct sunlight, hot water or heat sources


    • Dose of each capsule with differ, depending on filling ingredients and density