Size 00 Chlorophyll Empty Vegetarian Capsules by Capsuline - Green/Green (Box of 75,000) - Natural Green - Natural Green

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Product Overview

There are many reasons why you might choose to buy colored gel caps over clear gel caps. If you want to fill the empty gel capsules with light-sensitive contents, colored gelatin capsules will provide the protection that your ingredients need. But often a bigger reason is that colored gel caps are excellent for branding and product recognition purposes. Consumers will recognize your products as, say, the blue and grey gelatin capsules, the red and white capsule, etc. And by making use of color psychology when choosing which color empty gel capsules to use, you can invoke an emotional response to your product as well. Capsuline colored gelatin capsules are available in a full range of color combinations and sizes, from the large 000 capsule size to the small size 5 gelatin capsules.