Size 000 Clear Vegetarian Capsules

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Product Overview

At Capsule Depot  you can find a wide range of handy and affordable Vegetarian Capsules that are perfect for any health or dietary supplemental needs you or your family may have. These uniquely formulated, easy to swallow capsules are free of any animal by-products and are very popular for use with  powders, supplements, vitamins, or herbs. Take the struggle out of healthy living with easy to swallow and easy to manage clear capsules from Capsule Depot.

Special Features

  • 100%  HPMC composition

  • Free of common irritants and allergens

  • Dairy, soy,  sugar, starch, corn, or wheat are not used

  • Certified acceptable by Kosher and Halal standards

Safety Information

  • Do not use waters or liquids in capsule as they will dissolve

  • Keep capsules cool and dry, avoid direct sunlight, moisture, or extreme temperatures

  • Doses may vary from capsule to capsule and from supplement to supplement