Vegetarian Capsule Information

Vegetarian Capsules

You can now build your own capsules with clear vegetarian capsules. These are exceptionally well made capsules that are healthier for digestion than many other standard capsules that you find across the world. That's because vegetarian capsules sold by Capsule Depot are made from HPMC or hydroxy, propyl, methyl and cellulose, which are completely derived from plants. Whether are looking to fill capsules with herbs, vitamins, powders or supplements, vegetarian capsules are an affordable and natural alternative to standard capsules. These are some other great benefits of vegetarian capsules./p>

What are Vegetarian Capsules

A vegetarian capsule is a clear capsule made from plant-derived materials. It doesn't contain any irritants or preservatives. You also won't find any sugar, wheat, corn, dairy or soy in these capsules, which is beneficial for health-conscious and allergic consumers. There are some differences from vegetarian capsules and standard capsules that only allow for certain uses. They are fast dissolving and easily digested. Each one holds between 150 and 300 or more milligrams of dried material.

Vegetarian Capsules vs. Regular Gelatin Capsules

For one, vegetarian capsules are better suited for herbs, vitamins, supplements and powders. While they have a variety of uses, you wouldn't want to fill vegetarian capsules with any liquids, which will quickly cause the coating to dissolve. It also cannot be placed in hot water or direct sunlight. High temperatures also may cause the capsules to dissolve.

Types of Vegetarian Capsules

Capsule Direct sells all types of clear and colored vegetarian capsules from sizes 4 to 000. There are a variety of different colors including green, orange, red and scarlett. They are exceptionally designed for building your own capsules, and you can add logos, colors and a variety of powder-based fillings to each one. They are also a great way to digest your essential oils. As all natural capsules, they are perfect for those with vegetarian, diabetic, restrictive or other dietary needs. They are non-GMO and great for vegetarian diets. You also won't find any gluten or starch. They are biodegradable as well as kosher and halal certified.

How to Use Vegetarian Capsules

You can fill these capsules with all kinds of powders and supplements using a capsule filling machine or other method. A capsule machine offers the best way to encapsulate your essential oils and powders. Some capsule machines come with a free tamping device. This allows you to fill dozens of capsules in less than a few minutes. They are also dishwasher safe, so you can clean them after each use to make them last for many years. Each package comes with instructions on how to fill and what types of fillings are appropriate depending on the capsule that you purchase.

Buying Capsules from Capsule Depot

Capsule Depot makes it easy to find all of the latest vegetarian capsules at affordable prices. You can purchase every color of capsule to create your own supplements and vitamins that are all natural. Capsule Depot also offers wholesale pricing, account representatives, exclusive discounts and much more to frequent customers who join the Platinum Customer Program. If you buy a large number of capsules, you also be eligible for free shipping. Capsule Depot also has offers easy online chatting or phone support to help you pick out the right vegetarian capsules for your business.

If you are looking for the latest, healthiest choices for your supplements and vitamins, the vegetarian capsule is a safe and dietary-friendly capsule that many people have found success with. If you are a retailer, you can enjoy many benefits from using Capsule Depot to order all of your vegetarian capsule supplies.